What is the best container to freeze soup in?

What is the best container to freeze soup in?

Plastic containers are the best to freeze soup in. You can use Tupperware or freezer safe Ziploc bags. Make sure you don’t fill it to the brim. Leave some space between the lid and the soup. Before freezing, take out all the air from the plastic bag, then seal it tight. Otherwise, there will be spillage from the plastic bag when you thaw it.

Don’t pipe up hot soup directly in your freezer as the defrosting action will affect the quality of other items. Always cool soup to the normal temperature before putting it into the freezer. When you wish to serve the soup, defrost it at least a night before.

It is a good idea to label with the date on which you are freezing to keep track of how long a particular batch can last. Try to keep the soup at the back of the freezer to prevent it from thawing every time you open the refrigerator. If you don’t chances are the starchy ingredients will absorb moisture and start to get a little mushy.

How do you freeze soup without freezer burn?

You can freeze soup without freezer burn by reducing its exposure to air by storing it in an air tight container. First, cool the soup to normal room temperature. After that, keep it in the fridge for an hour to become cold. Then, put the container in the freezer. Air tight Tupperware container is better than Ziploc bags for storing soup and reducing freezer burn.

It is a common sight in households to make multiple batches of soup at a time and keep on using it for at least a month. This is the main reason why people freeze soup.

Soups are great appetizers and serve as a nutritional kick-start to your diet. And, you can easily freeze soup as long you are mindful of the things I mentioned above.

But, freezer burn can make the soup bland. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid freezer burn in order to treat your taste buds and keep your soup fresh. Just make sure that you avoid air exposure sp that you can enjoy the soup with its taste and nutrients intact.

Quick tips to avoid freezer burn in soup
  1. Store food in air tight containers.
  2. Do not leave freezer door open for a long time.

If you keep your freezer door open for long, then it increases the temperature inside the freezer and increases the chances of freezer burn.

Improper packaging can also affect the taste, odor, and flavor of your food. If you are storing soup in a plastic zip lock bag, you’re almost good to go. But, I prefer air tight Tupperware container because they are sturdier and spill proof as well.

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