Is it safe to freeze food in plastic bags?

Is it safe to freeze food in plastic bags?

It is safe to freeze food in plastic bags that are labelled freezer safe. For example, Ziploc plastic bags are good quality freezer safe plastic bags. Low freezer temperatures can cause normal plastic bags to crack or deteriorate, which increases the possibility of chemicals leaching into the food when reheated or thawed. Also, it can make other food adjacent to it unsafe.

Are plastic containers safe for freezing food?

Yes, plastic containers are safe for freezing food as long as they are labelled freezer safe just like plastic bags. You can use most normal plastic containers if you are storing food it in a fridge.

But, temperature in a freezer (-18 C) is much lower, which will cause normal plastic container to deteriorate and when you reheat the food it might leach harmful chemicals.

When you buy plastic containers for your freezer just make sure it is made with FDA approved materials, and it is freezer safe.

Are all Ziploc bags freezer safe?

Yes, Ziploc bags and containers are freezer safe. They meet the safety requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Check the label and specification given in the product cover before you buy it. It will tell you, whether you can use it in the freezer or a microwave. You can find out more information on their company website.

Can I use sandwich bags in the freezer?

Yes, you can use sandwich bags in the freezer as long as they are labelled freezer safe. Like I mentioned above, Ziploc is a good choice. Their sandwich bags and containers are freezer safe and of high quality. But, do check the product label before you buy it.

Whats the difference between storage and freezer bags?

The main difference between normal storage and freezer bags is that freezer bags are specially made to withstand cold temperatures for an extended period of time.

A home freezer can get to -18 degree centigrade. A normal plastic bag can snap or deteriorate causing chemicals to leach into the food. You may find this article useful with some essential tips on how to save space in your freezer?

Should you use Tupperware or Ziploc bags to freeze stir fry?

You can use either Tupperware or Ziploc freezer safe plastic bags to freeze stir fry. I prefer to use Tupperware because they are air tight and sturdier. Here is a detailed article on how to freeze stir fry quickly and easily while retaining its taste and freshness?

Why Tupperware isĀ  a good choice for storing food in the freezer, even better than plastic bags?

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