How do I maximize my freezer space?

How do I maximize my freezer space?

You can maximize freezer space by taking the items out of their box. Use freezer bags instead. Put items in a flattened position to save space. Stack same sized items on top of the other, so there are no gaps. Take out the shelves. Remove ice from freezer walls on a regular basis. Do not store ice cubes in the freezer. Use existing items first before you buy more.

Where should you store things in the freezer?

Store poultry, meat, fish and other items separately and put each item type together. Put the sealed containers at the bottom for saving space.

How do you stack a freezer?

Stack things in a flat position, this will save space. Organize left-overs in freezer bags and flatten them first and then freeze it. If you have to store sealed items, then put them at the bottom.

Is it OK to put foil in the freezer?

It is OK to use aluminum foil as a freezer wrap. Use a heavy duty aluminum foil, so it does not get punctured easily. You can also put it in a freezer bag for additional protection.

How full should you keep your freezer?

You can fill your freezer to its maximum capacity. In that way it will remain colder than if you leave it empty. Also, you will be able to store more items in the freezer. When things are together it will remain colder and the freezer won’t have to work more to keep it cold. Also saving you tiny bit of electricity.

Do not jam pack it for two reasons:

  1. It will be difficult to take things out of the freezer.
  2. To help with air circulation.
How can I organize my freezer without shelves?

If you have a freezer without shelves, then store items in a flat position. Remove all boxes. Before you you put something in the freezer try to make them as flat as possible.

Put your left-overs in freezer bags and use your hand to flatten them gently. Then, slowly put them in the freezer. This will keep it flat when it freezes. Tupperware products are also very useful in storing food in the freezer.

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