Does stir fry freeze well?

Does stir fry freeze well?

Yes, stir fry does freeze well. You can store it in an air tight Tupperware container or a Ziploc freezer safe plastic bag before you put it in the freezer. This will retain its freshness for few weeks. Do not leave it in the freezer for too long though, it will lose its taste and some essential nutrients.

Useful tips for freezing:
  1. If you’re making a stir fry for the purpose of freezing, then do not over cook it. Keeping it little firm will retain the enzymes as well. And, this will also prevent your stir fry from becoming sloppy.
  2. Allow the stir fry to cool down before you put it in a freezer, use  Tupperware container or Ziploc freezer safe plastic bags.
  3. Eat it within 2 or 3 weeks for getting the best taste.
  4. Thaw the stir fry properly before re-heating it. Maybe just leave it in room temperature for an hour or two before re-heating.
  5. You can either use microwave or a frying pan to re-heat it. But, if you use a good frying pan it will definitely taste better.
Can I freeze stir fry veggies?

Yes, you can freeze stir fry veggies. Cut and blanch the stir fry veggies and then put them in an air tight container such as Tupperware. This will keep it nice and fresh. You can also freeze your veggies without blanching. Just chop them and put them in an air tight container before freezing them.

This is a nice short video on how to blanch vegetables for freezing (source – American Heart Association):

Can you freeze leftover Chinese food?

Yes, off course you can freeze leftover Chinese food. I do it all the time using Tupperware air tight container. If I plan to eat it within a day or two I usually store it in the fridge not the freezer. They taste pretty good when I warm it up.

If you freeze leftover Chinese food, then make sure you thaw it properly before re-heating. This is an useful resource on why thawing is important (opens as PDF) from West Lothian Council, UK.

How long does stir fry last in the freezer?

Stir fry will last for few weeks when stored in a home freezer. But, if you want it tasty with all essential nutrients in it, then eat it within one or two weeks. Wherever possible freeze it as soon as possible.

Avoid storing it in the fridge for few days, and then freezing.

Food does not stay fresh for too long in a fridge. Bacteria can still grow in the food stored in a fridge for a long time.

So, if you plan to eat the stir fry within a day or two, then there is no need to freeze it, just keep it in the fridge. I would not eat stir fry left overs, which was in the the fridge for three days or longer.

This is what United States Department of Agriculture has to say about refrigeration and food safety.

Can you freeze stir fry noodles and vegetables?

Yes, you can safely freeze stir fry noodles and vegetables. Just make sure you store it in an air tight container and put it in the freezer immediately. The longer you keep it outside, greater is the possibility of bacteria forming on the food.

When you are ready to eat, keep it outside in room temperature for one or two hours, so it thaws. Then, put little oil in the frying pan to warm it up.

Does Lomein freeze well?

Yes, Lomein freeze well just like noddles and stir fry. Please use the same method I suggested above to store it in the freezer.

Can I freeze sauteed vegetables?

Yes, you can freeze sauteed vegetables and they will stay fresh as long you store it properly in an air tight container. Sauteing vegetables will help in better preserving the vegetables.

Do not store sauteed vegetables in the freezer for more than two weeks, if you want them to be tasty and full of nutrients. Before eating, do not forget to thaw it first. Sauteed vegetables will thaw quicker.

Can you freeze packaged vegetables?

Yes, you can freeze packaged vegetables. You can easily store them for few months in your freezer if you put them in an air tight container. But, eating it within 3 to 4 weeks is the best thing to do. Because it will taste better and also have more nutrients in them.

Blanching is a good idea before freezing it. But, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before blanching.

Does blanching remove nutrients?

Blanching is the process of quickly cooking vegetables in boiling water, and cooling them. In this process some nutrients will leach into water. So, some nutrients will be lost.

Can you freeze rice stir fry?

Yes, you can freeze rice stir fry just like vegetables. Make sure you cool rice stir fry before you put in an air tight container. What I have found rice stir fry tastes pretty good even if you freeze them.

Additional Resources:
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