We have busy lives. We live in a city. Rachel and I both work. And, we do not have the time to cook every day. So, this is our story.

We had to find a way to save time in every way we possibly could. The idea was to create for time for the family. We want to spend more time with our two lovely children, and off course with Tigger – the elegant German Shepherd!

We cook twice a week, and sometimes more on the weekends. But, we wanted to find our the best way to preserve our food so they remain as fresh as possible. I know there is nothing better than freshly cooked food.

But, we needed our jobs to pay our bills, and everything like anybody else!

So, we both researched and found out everything we could on efficient low cost food preservation. And, here you go we also have a website now where we share with you what you know.

I am sure you’ll find some of the things to be be useful!

Rachel and John!